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Online Security Checklist

Online marketing is a great way to buy and sell products and services.  The honest buyers and sellers far outnumber those that intend to commit fraud.  Please keep this in mind and enjoy your online experience, but stay aware, and don’t become a victim.

AviationCorkBoard.com and Corkboard Classified Media, Inc.

  tack DOES NOT own, buy or sell aircraft, goods or services listed on our website.
  tack DOES NOT participate in transactions between buyers and sellers in any way.
  tack DOES NOT offer any “Buyer Protection”, “Escrow” Services or “Certifications”.
  tack DOES NOT give instructions on how or where to send payments for purchases.
  tack DOES NOT offer aircraft shipping delivery or storage services.
  tack DOES NOT provide aircraft inspections or offer warranties of any aircraft goods or services.
  tack DOES NOT ask for personal or financial information via email.

Safe Online Transaction Tips

  Remember the old saying, “If it looks and sounds to good to be true, it probably is".
  Know your Buyer or Seller’s identity.  Search public records and data bases and cross check.
  If you can meet the Seller in person, do so with safety in mind.
  Photos don’t always tell the whole story or validate the equipment or condition.
  Deals from outside of your country should be handled with additional caution.
  Pick your own escrow service after careful consideration and research.
  Fraud often involves wire transfers, overpayments and cashier checks.
  Using a professional Dealer/Broker when buying and selling can be a good investment.

Buyers Checklist

Know the true market value of the equipment you are buying.  Enlist publications such as
Aircraft Blue Book.

Inspect the equipment either through the use of a mechanic or inspection service prior to closing the deal.

Verify physical location of both the seller and the equipment being purchased.  Phone numbers, addresses, emails should match.

Always use secure communications for personal information such as, credit card numbers, bank account information. Email is not a secure medium for transmission.

If someone requests a money transfer as the only option for payment, be careful and investigate for the reason.
Always know the escrow service you are doing business with.  A lead from the seller might not be the best choice for the buyer.

“As is” or with warranty should be drafted into a sales agreement that states the sales price.  Always make sure you understand and have in your possession all of the legal documents necessary at the completion of your transaction.

Sellers Checklist

Buyers that are willing to purchase an expensive item sight unseen should demand extra attention in the sales process.  Verify all buyers information carefully and cross check with data bases.

In todays world of ultra sophisticated printers and software fake checks are hard to spot.  Verify with the issuing bank before depositing a certified check.

Don’t transfer the title until the funds agreed to are in hand.

If a buyer attempts to overpay the purchase price with a check and requests a refund be suspicious.

Online Safety

  Passwords, PINs, and Usernames need to be updated on a regular basis.
  Never give your passwords,PINs or usernames to others.
  A combination of letters and numbers helps ensure a more durable level of security.
  Consider changing your PIN's and passwords if duplication over several accounts has happened.
  AviationCorkBoard.com  will NOT REQUEST your password or PIN.

Safe Transactions With PayPal

 CorkBoard Classified Media has partnered with PayPal, a leading payment gateway, to offer safe and secure electronic transactions for our customers. PayPal, a leader in online payments with over 193 million accounts worldwide, is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. PayPal makes online shopping fast, fun and easy, and it’s accepted by thousands of merchants all over the world. With PayPal, you don’t have to worry about exposing your financial information – PayPal never shares it with merchants.


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